Biomedical Engineer

Recent Emergence as Independent Discipline

Emergence of biomedical engineering as an independent discipline is of comparatively recent origin. In the past it was considered to be an interdisciplinary specialization, which interlinked multiple disciplines that were already established.

Biomedical Engineer’s Job

Ordinarily the job of the engineer specializing in biomedical discipline includes research and development. Applications encompassed by the discipline includes biocompatible prostheses developments, innovation and improvement of medical devices mainly relating to diagnostics and therapeutic treatments at micro, mono, and multi levels, development of imaging equipments, and regeneration of tissues and drugs.

Highly Interdisciplinary Discipline

Highly interdisciplinary in nature, biomedical engineering is also influenced by many other disciplines in the field of engineering and medical sciences. It may not be possible to specialize in multiple fields and therefore most biomedical engineers usually focus on some specially selected subject for the purpose.

Education and Training

Quite good amount of knowledge is required for the engineers in biomedical field in both the disciplines of biology and engineering. Usually a doctoral or a master’s degree in BME or other branches of engineering would be necessary for the purpose. One can have a look at the university directory to find out such universities and colleges that are imparting qualitative training in the discipline. Such universities and colleges offer programs starting from the rank of undergraduates called B.S or B.S.E degrees to the rank of doctoral degrees conferring PhD.

Widespread Scope for Studies

Studies of biomedical engineering are getting widespread. The reason is that while it is one of the engineering wings, it contains a vast amount of biological contents. That is why the topic has been included in multiple areas of engineering and many students are using it as preparatory ground for subsequent higher medical training. Due to immense popularity of the discipline, online degrees have now been made available by multiple institutions across the globe.

Since the medical technologies are improving by leaps and bounds, it is also expected that biomedical engineer will become the lynch pin in the process and their numbers will be increasing steadily. Recognition of a number of undergraduate and other programs in the discipline in United States seems to be the prelude to the future.

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